Halo Infinite’s long-awaited campaign co-op mode is scheduled for August

Halo infinite developer 343 Industries is aiming for an “end of August” launch for the game’s long-awaited networking campaign mode, says the game’s creative director Joseph Staten in a new Halo Waypoint blog post. As part of a new roadmap included in the post, the State also shared that 343 aims for an open beta for Halo Infinite’s Forge fashion in September.

343 Industries announced months before Halo Infinite’s December release that co-op and Forge mode would not be available at launch. The developer then said it aimed to send campaign collaborations “with” season 2, and then pushed that goal to “later” in season 2.

Split-screen campaign co-op, which lets you play the campaign with your friends on the same TV, is even further away. Based on the roadmap, 343 Industries does not expect to launch split-screen co-op until sometime during the game’s third multiplayer season, which begins on November 8th. And it seems that the estimate may still change, as the roadmap says that the split-screen co-ops timing is “TBD.”

343 Industries 2022 Roadmap for Halo infinite.
Image: 343 Industries

As for Forge, here’s what the State discussed about how 343 plans to jump straight into an open beta:

We want to get the Forge toolkit in your hands sooner rather than later so that amazing community maps and modes can find their way into the game faster. To make this happen, we are targeting a Forge open beta later in season 2. We have successfully had Forge in private flight with a limited audience for some time, so we have decided to forgo a large-scale formal flight program and go to right to open the beta. With this approach, we can get the core tools out to everyone faster, while remaining focused on our core priority of continuing to improve the basic aspects of Halo infinite. Forge will continue from the open beta onwards, evolving and growing over time.

According to the roadmap, 343 Industries is also aiming for a release in late August for a feature that lets you play campaign emissions, which was a notable omission at launch.

While it may be frustrating to hear that you will have to wait a while longer for many of these features, the State stressed that the company is taking the time it needs to develop the features at a pace that is good. for team health. “We know we need to deliver more content and more features faster,” the State said. “Staying true to priority zero means we sometimes have to slow down to stay healthy and move faster later.” The state also noted that 343 plans to introduce quality-of-life improvements during the season in what it calls “Drop Pods.”

Halo Infinite’s second multiplayer season begins on May 3, and it will add new maps and new modes.