Hello Games says new project is so ambitious that it would “seem impossible” even with a team of 1,000 people – IGN

Hello Games’ new project would feel impossible to create even with 1,000 people behind it, the developer has said.

In a speech to IGN, the studio’s co-founder and CEO Sean Murray said that while it’s not a sequel to No Man’s Sky, the new game is just as ambitious.

He said: “For a while now we’ve been working on something quite ambitious in the background. It’s a small team, but we like it that way.

“Like No Man’s Sky, it’s the kind of project that even if we had a thousand people working on it, it would still seem impossible.”

The game was in “very early” development since September last year, but Murray assured that even though No Man’s Sky still receives regular updates and has not finished a shot, the two games do not affect each other’s development.

“No Man’s Sky will not be held back by the next project, but the new one will not be held back by No Man’s Sky either,” he said. “We are so fortunate to be able to allow people to move freely to work with what excites them.”

Nothing else is known about Hello Games’ new project, and this will likely be the case for a while, as Murray has previously said “we learned our lesson” about talking about games too soon after No Man’s Sky opened (and controversial) before-release.

Outlaws, the latest No Man’s Sky update, completely reviewed the space battle and added a pirate underworld to the galaxy-exciting game.

Although available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC today, Nintendo gamers can enjoy the update along with the rest of No Man’s Sky when it comes to Switch this summer.

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