Here are 5 ‘toxic in the competing meta’ characters who needed nerves for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate according to Larry Lurr

Patch 13.0.1 marked the end of an era for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This was the last update that introduced balanced adjustments to the game.

Although there is no character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is as problematic as Smash 4’s Bayonetta or Brawl’s Meta Knight, there are a few characters that have received some complaints from tournament goers in recent times. As such, Larry Lurr recently released a video describing five characters he thinks should have been nervous.

According to Larry Lurr, the five fighters he has outlined are not just overpowered in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Larry describes these fighters as being “toxic in the competitive meta.”

It should probably come as no surprise that Sonic the Hedgehog has managed to get on the list. Of course, the only thing that Larry Lurr wants to get nervous about Sonic is his spin-off from the air. Since the air’s Spin Charge can pass through shields, Sonic is able to escape the corner for free and force a kind of cat-and-mouse game with the opponent.

Larry Lurr also mentions Minecraft’s Steve during the video. Although Steve has access to powerful combination options, Larry Lurr’s problem with Steve is his ability to create blockages in situations that counteract interaction.

Out of all the characters, however, it is ROB that Larry Lurr seems to have the most problems with from a design perspective. Hear all that Larry Lurr had to say about Sonic, Steve, ROB and the other two characters in the video below: