Here’s someone who actually wears the Pixel Watch and Google’s 20mm tape [Gallery]

The last few days’ Pixel Watch leaks have focused solely on the pebble-shaped puck, but we now have a look at the Google-made tape and more photos of the laptop actually being carried on a wrist.

These silicone Pixel Watch straps, presumably made by Google, come in 20 mm and have the proprietary connector that u / tagtech414 describes as being “a bit of a pain to attach the first time”, but “extremely secure” with a button in each slot that locks everything inside.

With the entire Pixel Watch now assembled and able to be worn – which is a bit of a fitting reflection of how this Redditor could not just use an old tape due to non-standard connection, the first impressions are as follows:

Most importantly, this is the most comfortable watch I have ever worn. It feels much thinner than the measurements would make you think. Compared to my Galaxy Watch, this feels like it’s not even there. And big plus, the crown does NOT stick into the back of my hand when I bend my wrist back or write, which is something that drives me crazy on other watches.

u / tagtech414

There are advantages to the Pixel Watch being quite raised, especially for the bottle cap-shaped crown. From these images, the 14 mm thickness is not so clear when looking at the 40 mm clock face. The visible screen without frame is said to be 30 mm while the whole weighs 36 g.

Outside the wrist, especially in the third short below, the depth is more apparent. You can clearly see the screen layer, the silver box and the lower sensor stack, which we noticed share similarities with the Fitbit Charge 5 and Luxe.

u / tagtech414

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