How to get into Overwatch 2’s beta

Overwatch 2‘s PvP beta begins Tuesday, April 26th. It is a closed beta, meaning players only enter by invitation, and they have signed up for access since March 10th. Blizzard still accepts requests if you have not received yours yet, by the way.

The beta test is the first phase of what will be a multi-stage launch of the sequel to Blizzard Entertainment’s 2016 hero shooter. Blizzard announced last month that it was “decoupling” the game’s PvP and the first PvE modes ever to get the game on the players’ screens faster.

Though Overwatch 2announced at BlizzCon 2019, still has no launch date or window, parent company Activision told investors back in November that the game was scheduled for a later-than-expected launch.

In any case, Tuesday will be the first taste many get of this long-awaited sequel. Here is what to expect:

When will Overwatch Are 2 beta emails expiring?

A FAQ posted Monday afternoon said beta emails will be sent from 6 p.m. 11 PDT Tuesday. “While players selected at the start should all have access on the first day, we can extend invitations to more players later in this test,” Blizzard said.

Overwatch community manager Andy Belford appeared on Twitch content creator Flats’ stream on Thursday, telling fans that Blizzard will also be sending out invitations in a gradual process.

Can I still sign up for a beta invitation?

The beta page on Overwatch’s official website still received opt-in requests from Monday afternoon, so why not? You must have a account.

In a FAQ released Thursday, Blizzard said beta testers will be selected “based on a variety of factors,” including “when you signed up.” So even though this is called an opt-in, there is no guarantee that requests will be accommodated, even now.

If you are reading this and you did not reach the opt-in cut-off or did not receive an invitation, Blizzard will be handing out access during a Twitch Drops campaign with several featured streamers during the beta period, beginning on April 27 at. 10:00 PDT. “You will be eligible for Twitch drops after watching a participating channel for four hours.” Frequently Asked Questions have a list of all streamers participating in the campaign.

overwatch heroes defending in front of the Push robot in the new Push game type for Overwatch 2

Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

How do I access the beta?

The first closed beta is a Windows PC test, and players must own a copy of it Overwatch on PC to participate. They get access to Overwatch 2 beta client through – which can report PC specifications back to Blizzard. PC specifications are an area Blizzard will evaluate when sending out invitations.

How long will the beta run?

The beta will run from April 26 at. 11 a.m. PDT (2 p.m. EDT) through May 17, with time and date subject to change, Blizzard said. In addition, players can stream their gameplay.

What will players see in the Overwatch 2 beta?

Stay, to begin with. She is the latest hero to join the Overwatch cannon. Sojourn is the first playable black woman on the game’s list, and she packs a rail pistol with both fast- and loaded-fire capabilities. Her Overclock ultimate keeps her weapons automatically charged for a short period of time, and charged shots will go through multiple enemies.

Players will also see a ping system to summon tactical items and areas, reworkings of current heroes Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion and Sombra and four new maps: Circuit Royal, Midtown, Toronto (Stay is from Canada) and Rome. Short from the first Overwatch will also be playable.

A new playlist, “Push”, will also be included in the beta. Push takes place on symmetrical maps (Toronto and Rome in this case) and has a robot in a central location that players will push against the base of the enemy team. The team that pushes the robot the farthest at the end of the match wins.

Overwatch 2‘s public beta will also show how 5v5 games look and play. The original game involves only two teams of six.

Will there be another beta?

“Yes, we are planning further testing beyond this first PvP Beta,” Blizzard said Monday.