How to send iPhone and Android browser links to Meta Quest headsets

Meta Quest VR users can now send browser links directly to their headsets with just a few taps on a supported iPhone or Android phone.

Sends browser links from an iPhone or Android phone to Meta Quest VR headset is now possible. This is good news, as it used to be really difficult to upload links to 360 videos or XR web content to Quest directly. This meant either remembering and writing the link using a separate app like Messenger or a third-party website to send a website address.

Meta has really expanded the possibilities of its Quest headsets, where both the first and second generation model has seen gains in multitasking, resizing browser windows and much more. While it still gets tiring to hang out in VR for more than a few hours, having more options to take advantage of the incredible big screen experience can help with the transition to thinking of Meta VR headsets as more than gaming devices.

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Meta’s Quest VR headset has a nice virtual workspace that can simulate three big screen screens, which is useful for surfing the web. Fortunately, it is now also quite easy to send links from an iPhone or Android phone to Quest to take advantage of the large screens. That is how it works. From an iPhone, the option should appear in a Share Sheet menu from Safari or any app that can share Internet links. From the menu, the user can select Oculus to send the link to the Oculus app. Then press Open now or Save to VR buttons and select the headset to which the link is to be sent. If there is a problem, the user should make sure to update to the latest version of the Oculus app, as v39 or later is required. Meta’s YouTube video shows how it all works.

Share Android links to Quest

Meta Oculus Quest Web Browser Windows may resize

However, the process of sharing links to a Meta Quest headset from an Android phone is pretty similar Share the button is used and v37 of the Oculus app or higher is required as Android received this feature earlier than iOS. Bluetooth must be turned on for the smartphone, whether you are using an iPhone or Android device. The Quest headset must also have Bluetooth enabled for this to work.

If Open now button was pressed in the Oculus app, the homepage should appear in the Oculus browser app when the Quest headset is worn. If Save to VR pressed, the link will appear on the Explore tab, which appears in the bar at the bottom of the Quest view. If none of the options are available on your iPhone or Android phone when sharing to the Oculus app, recent updates may not have rolled out to VR headset yet.

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Source: Oculus, Meta / YouTube

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