How to use Google Photos as a screen saver on Android

Samsung a32 on blue background.

While screen savers may not be as useful on a phone as they are on a PC, Android phones have had them for a very long time. You can use this to turn your phone into a Google Photos digital photo frame.

People love the digital photo frame feature on Nest Hubs, but you can do something very similar with any Android device. All you need is the Google Photos app on your device and some albums to display.

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First, swipe down once or twice from the top of the screen – depending on your phone – to open the notifications and tap the gear icon.

Then go to the “Display” section.

choose "Screen."

Scroll all the way down to “Screen Saver”.

choose "Screensaver."

Things will look a little different here depending on your device. On a Google Pixel, tap “Current screen saver” to see the options. Samsung devices show them all at once.

Screen saver settings.

No matter how you get there, select “Photos” for the screen saver.

choose "Photos."

Then you can tap the gear icon to adjust how it works.

First, review the general preferences and select the Google Account you want to use if you have more on your phone.

Photos screensaver options.

Then scroll down and select albums from your device or from your Google Photos library.

Select album to use.

Samsung devices automatically activate the screen saver if you have selected one when the screen is off and the device is charging. Google Pixel devices give you more options under “When to start.”

choose "When to start."

Select one of the options for when you want the screen saver to turn on.

Choose when you want to start.

That’s all there is to it! The photos from the albums you have selected from Google Photos are displayed when your Android device is in the mode you have selected. This is a cool feature, especially for any old Android phones you may have lying around.

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