Hulu is removing new sign-ups and free trial versions from its Android apps on phones and TVs

Google has cracked down on how Android apps handle payments, and it has resulted in some major changes. Now the Hulu app for Android has dropped the ability to create a new account or start a free trial in its app on phones and TVs.

In a change made sometime within the last month or so, the Hulu app for Android and the Hulu app for Android TV have both removed the option to sign up for a free trial or a new account in the app.

The original screen, when Hulu first opened, used to display “Plans from $ 5.99 / month” along with the options for “Log In” or “Start Your Free Trial.” As shown below, the latest updates to the Hulu app on Android have removed all references to the free trial or the cost of plans. On the contrary, there is now a message that reads:

Are you trying to sign up for Hulu?

Sorry, we can not make registrations in the app. If you are already a subscriber, log in below to start viewing.

The user interface has also adopted a more prominent “Login” button at the bottom of the screen.

The reason for this change is obvious as other apps like Audible and Barnes & Noble’s Nook have made similar changes recently. Google has tightened the requirements for Android apps distributed through the Play Store to use Google’s billing services, which take a cut in revenue from the app. By not offering sign-ups in the app, Hulu gets its full revenue by generating new accounts through its website.

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