I married the young nanny I hired, even though she was ‘the worst’ at her job

He hired “the worst” nanny – and got a wife.

In 2014, divorced Long Island business owner Ben Romano hired then-23-year-old Krystle to look after his three children. The mother of one was not exactly a house goddess.

‘We were desperate for a nanny at the time. I was working and had full custody, so I needed someone to look after the children, “Ben, 49, told News Dog Media.

‘We hired Krystle and she was honestly the worst nanny we’ve ever had! Her cooking was awful, her cleaning of the house was awful, and she was awful at washing clothes. “

He talked to his daughter Francesca about Krystle’s lackluster performance and decided she needed to go.

“But Francesca cried and asked me not to fire her. She said Krystle was really sweet and she made her feel like a little girl again. It certainly caught my attention. Krystle was not a good home carer, but I loved that she made my children happy, “he said of his offspring, Frankie, 22, Julianna, 19, and Sal, 17.

Ben and Krystle Romano got married in 2017
Ben and Krystle Romano got married in 2017
Instagram / @ krystlekayture

Instead of giving her the boot, he eventually gave her a ring. The couple fell in love and got married in 2017, despite the fact that Krystle is 20 years younger and only has seven years on her oldest.

Their relationship has gone viral on TikTok because of their unique meeting-sweetness.

The couple were initially apathetic towards each other, but Ben admitted he was attracted to his accusation after seeing her dressed up one night. It took longer for Krystle, 29, to warm up.

Ben Romano calls the former nanny Krystle a good luck charm
Ben calls Krystle a good luck charm.
Instagram / @ krystlekayture

“We did not like each other when we first met – I hated Ben, to be honest,” she said. “But in time we started talking, and then he invited me and my son over for Christmas. I did not want to show up, but the kids asked me to come. When I got over Christmas Eve, I was touched by all the gifts Ben had bought for my son. It was a turning point – I realized he was a nice guy. “

Shortly after, his children went to Florida to visit family, so she texted him to check on them, and they initiated an SMS relationship. The couple went on a date, but kept it from the kids, who eventually saw them holding hands and screamed with excitement.

Ben and Krystle Romano with their joint fry
Ben and Krystle Romano with their joint fry.
Instagram / @ krystlekayture

Now the couple has a happily mixed family, including Krystle’s son Kashton, 10. Yet she is often confused with Ben’s daughter.

“When we holiday together as a family or pose for a family portrait, people mistake Krystle for being one of my three daughters. It does not bother me – I’m used to it now,” he said.

Their relationship has drawn negative comments online.

“They tell me he wants to start a relationship with the next nanny who’s coming and that ‘you can not make a ho a housewife.’ ‘But Ben and I have been together a long time. I’m guessing people online are interested in us because nanny becoming a stepmother is like a story out of a romantic comedy. “

Ben and Krystle Romano got married in 2017.
The couple married in 2017.
Instagram / @ krystlekayture

According to Ben, commentators on social media accuse his younger spouse of being a gold digger, but he sees her as an integral part of his success.

“I did not have much money when I met her. I call Krystle my good luck charm because my business only really took off when we started dating, ”Ben said, adding that he likes to party and Krystle is more of a homemaker.

And there has been a big dynamic flip in the household: The former nanny is now the boss.

“I’m definitely not looking for a nanny or a secretary myself anymore – Krystle is hiring everyone I need now,” Ben said.