Infinity Ward goes dark ahead of a rumor about Modern Warfare 2 advertising

An update to Call of Duty developer Infinity Wards’ Twitter page is making fans speculate that the team may be ready to announce a new Modern Warfare game.

On Friday, Infinity Ward replaced both its Twitter banner and profile icon, which – at first blush anyway – appeared to be solid black logos with no image or text.

But it got lit up, and eagle-eyed players think they’ve seen the fan-favorite character Ghost lurking in the background, triggering the whisper that a message is imminent.

Rumors began swirling back in September that Infinity was working on a follow-up to its 2019 Modern Warfare soft reboot, a campaign believed to revolve around U.S. special forces fighting Colombian drug cartels. Activision has since confirmed that the Call of Duty release this year will actually be a Modern Warfare version, but that’s all we officially know at this point.

Activision’s “going dark” is related to previous reports from the delicious RalphsValve, who tweeted earlier this month that the date “April 30” will be significant.

Without anything solid, all we can do, of course, is take this with the premise, bucket of salt, but keep an eye on this space as we may find out more about Modern Warfare 2 sooner rather than later.

Activision has also recently revealed what’s coming up in Call of Duty: Mobile’s latest season, Wild Dogs, which includes a “brand new way to play Battle Royale” via its new mode, Sandstorm.

Delivery on April 28 at 01.00 UK time, Season 4 also features two new maps – Cold War’s Satellite and Modern Warfare 2019’s Khandor Hideout – as well as new operators, weapons, drawings, business cards, charms and COD Points, plus 50 new levels of “Battle Pass Rewards” .