Intel Arc Alchemist desktop series including A770, A750, A580 and A380 SKUs reportedly delayed to late Q2 / early Q3 –

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Intel Delays Desktop Arc A-Series (Again)?

There’s a new report on Intel desktop Arc Alchemist GPUs from “Enthusiastic Citizen” that previously shared confidential and accurate Intel information.

Even though we are past the official launch of Intel Arc mobile GPUs, the desktop implementation of the Xe-HPG architecture can still only be portrayed through a domain of rumors. Intel has been very reluctant to share any official information about their desktop series, even though the company teased a “Limited Edition” of a graphics card coming this summer.

Yesterday we learned about the Arc A770 desktop graphics card, which was leaked through the Geekbench entrance. What this post told is that Intel is preparing a part with a boost clock up to 2.4 GHz and 12.7 GB of memory. Such a part and three other SKUs are mentioned by the doctor in a message that was posted a few days ago and discovered by Wccftech today:

Intel Arc Alchemist Desktop Rumor, Source: Bilibili

First of all, the doctor says that there is another delay for desktop Arc launch to the end of Q2 or the beginning of Q3. After all, Intel only confirmed that it will launch ‘Limited Edition’ this summer, without confirming any other desktop part during this period. Given how poorly the mobile Arc A-Series launch performed (it’s still exclusive to one country after 2 weeks since it was officially ‘available now’), one simply can not believe what Intel has to say about their Arc launch plan longer. With that in mind, rumors of desktop delay make a lot of sense.

The doctor also mentions that four desktop parts are planned, with a possible 5th variant to be launched later. That Arc A770, A750, A580 and A380 desktop SKUs are mentioned, with the A770 leading the way with RTX 3060 Ti-like performance. It is thought that Intel may be launching an even faster part, but that’s probably where the “Limited Edition” comes in. It is said that the A770 actually has less than 16GB of memory so 12GB / 10GB would be on a table. Yesterday’s leak, however, suggested it could be a 16GB graphics card. So it is clear that there is still a lot of confusion around this SKU.

Interestingly, “Citizen” reveals Intel’s plans for a part called Arc A750. One would expect that this SKU would contain 448 Xe Vector Engines (Execution Units), which were teased through several leaks in the past (some derived from Intel). This part, together with the A580, will have 8 GB of GDDR6 memory. The slowest desktop part, known as the A380, would offer Radeon RX 6400 performance, the report claims.

Intel Arc A-Series Desktop “Limited Edition” graphics card, Source: Intel

What the report is missing is the “Limited Edition” information. This part is clearly equipped with eight GDDR6 memory modules, therefore 16 GB of memory is apparently confirmed. This could be either the rumored A780 or a special edition of the A770 with more memory.

Desktop Intel ARC Alchemist (rumors) Arc A780 (LE?) Arc A770 Arc A750 Arc A580 Arc A380
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Source: th 市民 描边 怪 (Enthusiastic Citizen) via Wccftech