Justfog creates new Ryu matchup chart for Street Fighter 5, describing how much stronger the Shoto can be in the final update

Despite being the franchise’s poster boy, Ryu was in a pretty tough spot in Street Fighter 5 for years, but he no doubt looks better than he ever did in the game after the final update.

Now that the players have been puzzled around with the re-balancing for a few weeks, longtime Ryu has main Justfog created a new matchup chart for his buffed boy to see how much better he could get in SF5’s last season.

Interestingly, Justfog now apparently believes that Ryu beats or at least is with a large majority of the game’s cast with only 12 characters listed as a small inconvenience or a direct loss.

Many of the player’s opinions seem to come with how well the opponent can handle Shoto’s improved fireball game, so those who do not effectively like Vega, E. Honda and Alex are among Ryu’s best matchups now according to Justfog – and that includes, surprisingly, Rose too.

It again leaves characters with better projectile games like Guile and those who can more easily reject or avoid the classic Shoto strategy like Menat and Cody among Ryu’s tougher opponents.

It will be very interesting to see how big a presence the Hadoken pitcher will have in the competition scene here in 2022, and you can see Justfog’s full Ryu matchup chart for SF5 Season 6 below.

Click on the image for the full version