King of Fighters 15 version 1.21 patch notes

Omega Rugal was recently added to King of Fighters 15 via a free update. Of course, it’s not uncommon for new characters in fighting games to also have a few balance issues and bugs that need to be resolved in a future patch.

Patch 1.21 is just that patch for Omega Rugal in King of Fighters 15. According to SNK, patch 1.21 has already been released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam and Epic Games Store. Those with Xbox Series X / S and the Windows 10 version of King of Fighters 15 will have to wait a little longer until the patch is available.

Almost immediately after Omega Rugal became available in King of Fighters 15, some flaws about the character were discovered. Some of these flaws ranged from giving Omega Rugal unintended benefits to being direct game breaks.

In the previous version of King of Fighters 15, Omega Rugal was able to combo from its projectile to its Climax Super Special from anywhere on the screen. This looked bizarre, as the Omega Rugals Climax Super Special is not exactly an attack that is usually able to reach opponents in full screen.

SNK has also solved an issue where the game could potentially crash when connected to a lobby in the Steam version. It has also been noted that the problem where characters sometimes start a round in the wrong positions has been addressed.

Check out all the listed patch notes below:

Game Breakdown – Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when signing up for a lobby from a link invitation or friends menu in the Steam version.
Starting Round Positions – Resolved an issue where the characters would start the round in unintentional positions under certain circumstances.

Shatter Strike – Increased the total number of recovery frames by 3. (Because there were significantly fewer unfavorable frames than usual)
Gigantic Press – Shortened the cancellation window to CLIMAX Super Special Move for the second hit. (This is to solve a problem when canceling in CLIMAX Super Special Move during a certain timing, which would result in the opponent not being able to move.)

• Fear fatal wave
Solved a problem where if the opponent is hit with a projectile as this CLIMAX Super Special Move is active, then the CLIMAX Super Special Move would land regardless of their distance.
Resolved an issue that would cause the opponent’s neck to appear during the zoomed movie.