Koumajou Remilia Scarlet Symphony Launch Trailer Released

CFK released a launch trailer for Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony, shows some gameplay. The launch trailer also outlines some of the bonus materials included in the game’s limited edition box set. The set will include a CD with the game’s original soundtrack, as well as a 34-page illustration and design booklet. It will cost ¥ 7,000 (about $ 53). [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony is an HD remaster of the 2009 Japanese fan-made doujin game Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony. It’s a side-scrolling Castlevania-style Touhou games, and follows the protagonist Reimu Hakurei in her battle against the inhabitants of Scarlet Devil Castle. CFK originally announced that it would release the game for the Nintendo Switch and PC in 2021 before pushing the release to 2022.

In particular, the HD remaster will include full voice acting. The launch trailer shows some excerpts from each character’s voice lines. In addition, the game will include bonus content that did not appear in the original release. The game will feature subtitles in six languages.

The limited edition will only be available for the Nintendo Switch version. The set will include a physical version of the game, a 34-page illustration and design booklet, a specially illustrated acrylic record and two CDs with 27 songs from the game’s original soundtrack. Both the box art and the acrylic plate will feature illustrations by artist Banpai Akira. The set can be purchased through various Japanese online retailers such as Amazon and Animate, each with its own unique bonuses.

You can check out Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony launch trailer below.


Here are the items included in the limited edition:

koumajou remilia scarlet symphony limited edition

Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony will be released for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on July 28, 2022. The limited edition will cost ¥ 7,000 (approximately $ 53).