Let’Ma Kondo ‘your disgusting Elden Ring Inventory

A round Elden Ring character looks confused, surrounded by a surplus of unused items.

Picture: From Software / Kotaku

I was shocked when I opened my boyfriend’s Elden Ring inventory. Confused and terrified, even. It was fully equipped in a way that only the cheese part of your fridge should be – there were several of the same armor sets, a contemptible build-up of consumables and common items like herba and melted mushrooms and a probably illegal stock of golden runes.

Me, I do not have this problem: I am a happy user of goods. But my boyfriend’s dirty bedroom with a fixture made me realize that not everyone Elden Ring players are so blessed. I began to worry about them – all the poor players who were forced to roam the Middle Ages, with thousands of pounds of clutter weighing on their stained backs.

That does not have to be the case. No matter if you are still working on your first throughplay or enjoying the sweet taste of new game plus, you deserve Marie Kondo your virtual life and actually enjoy all the useful stuff Elden Ring has to offer. Whether you just want to get rid of everything, are you afraid to use things because you “might need them later”, or you just never knew where to start Elden Ring‘s huge selection of things, don’t worry. We have you. You’re safe now.

Become skilled

Next to all the other garbage you have probably accumulated cookbooks through your looting, like a barbaric Julia Child. You are sick. These cookbooks determine what items you are able to make, provided you have purchased a craft set from the Church of Elleh’s nomadic grocery store, Kalé.

It’s easy to figure out what you can do – just click on the item making section in your menu. Everything you know how to make can be found there on the left, with the description of the items, a list of all the ingredients you need to make them, and how many of these ingredients you already have in your stock to the right.

From here, click on the topic you want to create, choose how many you want, and create for your inner child’s content. This is a quick way to get rid of the millions of heads of cave moss you have collected and a great opportunity for Elden Ring player who wants to reduce the size but can not stand the sight of an empty inventory. Turn things into other things! Geni.

Confront your føre ofcusumables

Okay, so you decided to make 15 sheets of grease and never use them. Fuck.

I understand that it’s easy to forget all about consumables, exclaim them as “easy condition” or believe in the depths of your soul that one day you may have to feed your horse Torrent with 30 health-restoring sweet raisins in a row. While nothing is impossible since you’ve never needed to swallow Torrent on raisins before, you probably will not have to in the future.

As for forgetfulness or “light state”, Elden Ring‘s designers placed these objects in the game as part of its full experience. Remember that they are not only there to help you, but to teach you to learn, interact with the landscape and immerse yourself completely in the game. I recommend that you take a look at the descriptions of your ready-to-eat consumables, which you can find in the “Tools” section of your fixtures, equip them that may be useful (all boluses, for example, are tailor-made for areas and enemies that cause negative status building), and experiments with those that do not look useful at first glance. You should munch on the rune multiplication gold pickled bird’s foot just before you are about to score a lot of runes, for example.

A typical Elden Ring collector's inventory shows hundreds of unused items.

My editor Alexandra needs help.
Screenshot: From Software / Kotaku

Upgrade materier arighther tobeused

Upgrade those weapons, honey! Release yourself and upgrade weapons, ashes, and, if nothing else, your all-important sacred healing bottles. Just as attached to your first upgraded great sword or spirit summons, after settling into the early favorites, you can try upgrading other weapons that look cool to you to experiment with new movement sets and special skills. You never really know your favorite until you use it for a good, honest killing.

I give only a mild warning. In each game cycle you can find a maximum of 13 old dragon smiths in total, which maxes out ordinary weapons to +25, and a paltry eight gloomy old dragon smiths, which maxes out special weapons to +10. So if you have these precious, ultimate upgrade materials, you need to be very conscious when choosing which weapons you would like to raise to maximum strength. If a piece of equipment is not worth the last upgrade, it’s not a big deal just to keep it at +24 for standard / +9 for offers.

Every little bit counts

Activate the large runes that fascinate you and equip them (then use your pile of rune bows to activate them as needed), cycle through your crystal tears to test different effects of your flask with wonderful physics, experiment with the war ash, why not, and please, just use the hundreds of golden runes you constantly find to level up. (Good chance to finally upgrade that power!)

Last week, I finally got enough of my boyfriend’s overflowing fixtures and instructed him to crush every single rune he had in stock. Eventually he got over 400,000 runes. It was too many runes and it was not okay.

He needed the cleansing, but it was perhaps a little extreme. While it’s actually smart to use the saved runes, I recommend that you have a few on hand for those times when you just need one more spot to get one. level or to buy a warm, new set underwear.

Wait, here we are at the end of this article, you want a cleansed inventory, but even after we’ve just talked all these things through, are you still not using your hundreds and hundreds of irrelevant tingamabobs? See, this is my last offer: Sell them. You can also sell every single item that you do not need or that you just have unnecessary multiples of. Merchants posted everywhere Elden Ringincluding Smithing Master Hewg in the Round Table Hold, will gladly take them from your hands and give you a few runes in return.

Are you good now? Well.

Now that it’s all done, do you not feel much easier?