Loved tales from the border country finally get the 2022 sequel it deserves

Three characters stand under a Borderlands vault statue while looking at a starry sky and giant moon.

Today, Gearbox at PAX East announced that they were developing a new record in Stories from the border country series. The original Telltale-developed game was a narrative-focused adventure game similar The Walking Dead and The wolf among us. The recently announced sequel will feature in new characters and will be released this year.

Towards the end of Gearbox’s PAX East showcase, Gearbox Entertainment Company CEO Randy Pitchford announced on stage that after many years of waiting, fans would get a new one Stories from the border country games later this year. Unlike the original title, this one is created “in-house” by Gearbox.

In a tweet from the official Gearbox Twitter account, the company explained that this new game will feature a fresh cast of characters. It will be released by 2K Games, the same publisher behind the main one Border areas franchise.

The original Stories from the border country was released through 2014 and 2015 as an episodic adventure game developed by Telltale Games. It told the story of Hyperion employee Rhys and the cool con artist Fiona as they (reluctantly) worked together to do, what else, to open a box. It is a Border areas games, still. Like previous Telltale games, players made choices throughout the five episodes, changing the events of the story along the way.

The game was praised by critics and Border areas fans for his excellent text and characters. Me, I still love Loaderbot and I hate that he was not with Borderlands 3.

Many of the other characters that first appeared in this game appeared later in one Borderlands 2 DLC and Borderlands 3. (It caused a bit of controversy as not all of them were expressed by the original actors.)

We do not know much about this new post beyond what Pitchford and Gearbox teased today. It’s surprising to see it launch later this year. After all, we just got a new one Border areas games in the form of the excellent spin-off shooter Little Tina’s Wonderland. And Border areas movie, with its absurd star-studded castwill also be published later this year.

It looks like 2022 is the year Border areas. I know some of you love it. For the rest of you … sorry!