Magic ToolFlash lets you flash ZIP packages directly from your Android device

When most people install Magic modules, they just flash it via the Magic app and then reboot into Android. When it comes to installing regular flashable ZIP packages, there are custom recovery projects like TWRP that do the job. But if you have to mess around and tinker with your device, you’ll probably have to get used to the command line interface anyway. Aside from the obvious fact that it’s helpful to know some shell commands, learning to use them may mean you do not have to flash through another app or connect your smartphone to your PC to sideload more than absolutely necessary. . It is here Magic ToolFlash the project comes in.

Created by XDA Senior Member Huskydg, Magic ToolFlash is a unique version of the Android flashing mechanism. It is a command line flash tool that works without a custom recovery environment. All you have to do is download a flashbar ZIP on your device. Then call the tool through any rooted privilege terminal emulator app to perform the flashing operation.

Magic ToolFlash

In addition to creating an isolated namespace for security reasons, Magic ToolFlash also displays the detailed flash log to the end user. You can flash various Magic modules, the Magic app itself and others against ZIP files directly from a CLI window on your phone using flash command after installing this Magic module. However, the tool cannot be used to install a ROM from a running Android system yet.

Keep in mind that /tmp directory does not exist on the Android root file system. As a result, you may need to modify the update script and use it /dev/tmp as the temporary folder while using Magic ToolFlash. Moreover, if the target flashable zip contains hardcoded /sbin command, it may fail on Android 11 and later operating systems.

If you are a developer and want to explore the code base of Magic ToolFlash, take a look at the project’s GitHub repository. A ready-to-use Magic Module version is also available for download below Releases part of the repo.

Magic ToolFlash: Download || GitHub Repository