Malicious Android application Voicemail spread during the Easter holidays

After an SMS campaign over the Easter holidays, some users downloaded and installed a malicious Android application called Voicemail, the National Cyber ​​Security Directorate (DNSC) said on Wednesday, April 27th.

“This application required multiple permissions which, when granted, allowed attackers to spy on the user and extract sensitive data related to their activity on the device,” DNSC said in a press release.

The experts also explained how to solve this problem. “If you have installed and given multiple permissions to such an application, we recommend that you use a security solution to remove it or return to the device’s factory settings. Do not forget to back up an important data source (contacts, pictures, videos, etc.) to an external source so you do not lose it. ”

(Photo: Siriporn Kaenseeya / Dreamstime)