Megachill games with a strange name, Dorfromantik, are out

The lovely casual game Dorfromantik is finally finished and its 1.0 update dropped last week. It’s a game that I think is deeply gratifying, a game where you lay small hexagonal tiles with slices of landscape to try to meet cute goals … which gives you more tiles … to make a bigger spread of fields and villages … until you run out of tiles. Then you start over. It’s all ready for a great soundtrack that got six new tracks released.

Others have called it “zen-like” and “chill” and “meditative”, and I go once again to call this game megachill. Megachill is, of course, when a game is so cool that you completely lose track of time and play it over and over again. So relaxed that it becomes completely absorbent. Village romance is megachill.