Meta adds new tab Call to its Messenger app for iOS and Android

Meta is rolling out a new ‘Calls’ tab globally in its Messenger app for iOS and Android users. The new tab will keep track of every call you make or receive in the app in one place, making it easier to connect calls with a single tap. Also for people who do not use the feature regularly, it adds a clear reminder that they can use the app for voice or video calls in addition to text-based messaging.

In 2014, Facebook pulled messages out of the primary Facebook app, pushing mobile users to download one separately to continue using the feature as part of their push to make Messenger a unique experience. The video calling feature arrived in 2015, followed by messages across apps with Instagram and finally group chats across apps. Most recently, it has added new shortcuts, including an @ everyone tag to alert everyone in a conversation or a / silent contact to send a message that does not cause notifications to appear for everyone else in the group.

According to Meta, both audio and video calls have increased by 40 percent compared to the beginning of 2020, with 300 million calls every day. The Messenger app first introduced voice dialing in 2013, and this latest feature takes it a step further towards serving as a complete communication hub. There is plenty of competition for apps you can use to call friends and family (like your phone app, Meta’s own WhatsApp or whatever Google is doing right now), but the numbers suggest it’s a good option for many people.

Android phone that displays a call history in the meta messenger app

The new call tab is also available on Android devices
Image: Meta