Microsoft is reportedly considering adding ads to free games

Microsoft is reportedly considering adding commercials to its free games.

That’s according to Business Insider, which reports that Xbox is seeking to offer advertising revenue to “developers who make free-to-play” games.

“One of the sources speculated that Microsoft is not currently interested in collecting a cut in advertising revenue because they want to give more money to make money to developers who make free-to-play games,” the publication states. , as transcribed by our sister. website, VGC.

Aware of a potential setback from players, two sources reportedly told BI that the company allegedly “moves cautiously” and “intends to create a” private marketplace “where only select brands can insert ads into games in a way that does not interfere with the gaming experience “.

Whatever the plans are, they could be embryonic at this point, as “Insider was unable to determine if Xbox would also offer other types of in-game ad units, such as avatar-skin or video ads playing in gaming lobbies. “Insider was also unable to to determine whether Microsoft has presented the Xbox offer to advertisers yet”.

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