Minecraft Dungeon’s dev diary breaks down Luminous Night features coming next week

Mojang announced that the Minecraft Dungeons would start having seasonal adventures last year. Cloudy Climb was the first adventure to arrive and Luminous Night is on the doorstep.

As the name suggests, Luminous Night changes the lighting scheme. “It’s darker, gloomier night environments,” describes art director Victor Blanked. “Luminous symbols have appeared on the tower [and] inside the tower. “These symbols also appear on the new season’s cosmetics, giving character skins a rune design. New pets called Ministrosities are also part of the range, and they tumble around like cute little ghosts.

You and your Ministrosity can take on Wildfire, a new mob type arriving with Luminous Night. The aptly named burning enemy floats around, protected by rotating lava tiles. The Wildfire was originally supposed to be part of the Dungeons’ Nether update, but the team “finally got to perfect it” for Luminous Night, according to game designer Laura de Llorens. The hotheaded Wildfire enemies follow the Festival of Frost, which was Minecraft Dungeon’s last major event. It ended in February, so dungeon delverses should be more than ready to face a new enemy.

Luminous Night also includes a storage box for items and equipment, something fans have wanted for some time. You can see the coffin, Wildfire, Ministrosities, the new cosmetics and the new look in the latest development diary.