Mishaal Rahman talks about Android 13 Beta on the Android Police podcast

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It’s easy to get lost in the dripping and tedious process of discovering features with Android 13. With the first beta release this week, we decided to take some time to sit down and talk about it with longtime Android experts, Mishaal Rahman. Check out everything you need to know with the Android Police podcast.

Rahman is a senior technical editor at Esper.io and co-host of the Android Bytes podcast. Listen to our show with the player above. Subscribe to your favorite pod player and let us know where you can!

02:39 | We start with the view so far for Android 13. Rahman’s continuous change log is unsurpassed as a resource for this.

15:51 | So where does Beta 1 lead us? We have our first impression.

32:39 | A quick detour to the Pixel Watch leak that everyone is talking about.

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