Motorola Android 12 Update and Troubleshooting (Continued Update)

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Info last updated d Affected channel or platform Affected device / s Description of error / problem Current status Solutions
April 22 Stable Yogafane 13 Dolby Atmos cannot be disabled Escalated
April 22 Stable Moto G30 Automatically calls emergency services Not recognized Available
April 22 Stable Moto G30 Turns off or crashes after Android 12 update Not recognized
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Update 52 [April 30: 19:18]: Motorola Edge 20 Pro users now get Android 12 update in Japan.

Update 51 [April 30: 17:22]: Motorola Moto Edge 20 Pro receives the Android 12 update in Poland.

Update 50 [April 29: 16:06]: Verizon-locked Motorola Edge + gets Android 12 update in US.

Update 49 [April 29: 13:21]: The Android 12 update is now rolling out to the Motorola Edge 20 Pro in Romania. The update is also live for the Moto G200 in the UK.

Thanks for the tip: costi9575 & Jonathan Yong

Update 48 [April 28: 10:29]: Motorola has released the Android 12 update for Moto G100 users in Mexico.

Thanks for the tip: Joel Tzab!

Update 46 [April 27: 10:34]: Moto G100 gets Android 12 update in Brazil with version number S1RT32.41-20-16.

Update 45 [April 26: 15:26]: Motorola is rolling out the Android 12 update to Moto G30 users in India.

Update 44 [April 21: 17:58]: Moto Edge 20 users is gets Android 12 update in India.

Update 43 [April 20: 10:57]: Motorola is rolling out the Android 12 update for the Moto Edge Plus (2020) in the Netherlands.

Update 42 [April 20: 10:57]: Moto Edge 20 users in Russia and Europe report getting Android 12 update.

Update 41 [April 19: 11:50]: The Android 12 update for Moto Edge Plus 2020 rolls out in the UAE. Thanks for the tip: Md Enamul Hoque

Update 40 [April 19: 11:39]: Moto Edge 20 users get Android 12 in Hungary and the Czech Republic. Thanks for the tip: Kovács Gábor & Lubor Jasper

Update 39 [April 18: 13:01]: Some users have managed to flash Android 12 on Moto G Stylus (2020) and Moto G7 Play.

Update 38 [April 16: 16:41]: The Motorola Moto Edge 20 Pro is reportedly (1.2) updated to Android 12 in Brazil.

Update 37 [April 16: 12:35]: Moto G50 users in the UK get Android 12 processing for XT2137-1-DS models.

Update 36 [April 13: 13:02]: Motorola G200 gets Android 12 update in the Netherlands. Thanks for the tip: Andrei Vlad!

Update 35 [April 12: 11:27]: Motorola G200 5G gets Android 12 Spain and Poland. Thanks for the tip: Adam Szulierz & Julián Castrillo!

Update 34 [April 11: 17:30]: Motorola said they will roll out the Motorola Edge (2021) Android 12 update in May this year.

Update 33 [April 11: 12:59]: A Lenovo employee shed some light on how software updates are released and the process behind it.

Update 32 [April 8: 13:06]: The Moto Edge 20 Android 12 update has started rolling out in Brazil.

Update 31 [April 7: 14:00]: Moto G30 users in Africa also get the Android 12 update. Thanks for the tip: Tinotenda Ndoziya!

Update 30 [April 7: 13:50]: Moto G30 users in the UK and Romania have started getting the Android 12 update. Thanks for the tip: Allan Smith!

Update 29 [March 31: 17:37]: A senior Moto agent admitted that the Moto Edge 20 Fusion Android 12 update is taking too long.

Update 28 [March 30: 16:27]: The Moto Edge 20 Lite receives the Android 12 update in Brazil. Thanks for the tip: Lautaro Santiago Galvan!

Update 27 [March 29: 11:19]: Motorola reportedly launches Android for Moto G30 in Germany.

Update 26 [March 28: 16:55]: Motorola Edge 2021 does not get UW C-Band support with the Android 12 update.

Update 25 [March 26: 15:35]: Moto G30 Android 12 update is reportedly rolls out in Argentina.

Update 24 [March 19: 18:33]: The Moto G30 has officially started receiving the Android 12 update in Brazil.

Update 23 [March 17: 12:37]: According to a Reddit user, the Moto G30 Android 12 update is available through OTA and the Smart Assistant tool.

Update 22 [March 16: 12:25]: You can see here what the Android 12 update for Motorola devices will look like.

Update 21 [March 14: 16:12]: The Moto Edge 20 will reportedly receive the Android 12 update in April this year.

Update 20 [March 11: 17:09]: A community administrator said Android 12L is unlikely to be part of the first release.

Update 19 [March 5: 17:21]: A Senior Moto Agent confirmed that the Moto G Stylus (2020) will receive Android 12 update.

Update 18 [Feb. 11: 16:23]: The Moto G Pro reportedly started receiving the Android 12 update in the UK, but the official site says it is awaiting partner approval.

Update 17 [Feb. 1: 12:30]: According to a Senior MonoAgent, the Moto G 5G Plus will not be updated to Android 12.

Update 16 [Jan. 29: 12:23]: Motorola Admin said they have not started any MFN testing for Android 12 on the Moto Edge 20 Fusion and Edge 20 Lite.

Update 15 [Jan. 28: 11:48]: Community Administrator said no one except Motorola knows when Moto Edge 20 Fusion will receive Android 12 update.

Update 14 [Jan. 26: 13:52]: Motorola confirmed Moto One Fusion Plus does not get the Android 12 update.

Update 13 [Jan. 19: 13:56]: Motorola’s Android 12 based My UX 3.0 reveals it will use Google’s Monet theme engine.

Update 12 [Jan. 18: 14:08]: Motorola is pushing updates to some system apps to add Android 12 support.

Update 11 [Jan. 17: 13:02]: Community administrators are asking users to join the MFN application to access the Android 12 update.

Update 10 [Jan. 15: 13:54]: Motorola will begin testing Android 12 for the Motorola Edge 20 in Brazil via the MFN application.

Update 9 [Jan. 13: 13:54]: A community administrator said that Moto Edge 2020 will receive bug fixes for the phone based on Android 11.

Update 8 [Jan. 12: 16:02]: A Community Administrator specified that Moto Edge 2020 will not be updated to Android 12.

Update 7 [Jan. 8: 17:55]: The Moto G Stylus 2022 reportedly comes with Android 11 out of the box and only updated to Android 12.

Update 6 [Jan. 7: 21:00]: Many who have signed up for the Motorola Feedback Network for Android 12 are wondering if it has started.

Update 5 [Dec. 30: 12:04]: The Motorola administrator clarified a lot of issues about how the company plans to roll out Android 12.

Update 4 [Dec. 23: 11:44]: Motorola announced that they will introduce Android 12 based My UX for these devices /

Update 3 [Sept. 4: 15:57]: Motorola Edge 20 Lite and Edge 20 Fusion will start receiving Android 12 update via MFN.

Update 2 [July 31: 13:15]: Motorola will soon update the Moto Edge 20 series to Android 12.

Update 1 [July 12; 03:55]: Motorola has no plans for an Android 12 update for the Moto G20.

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