Motorola Edge (2021) and Motorola Edge Plus receive Android 12 update

Motorola is up and running. In the last two weeks, the Lenovo-owned brand has updated several budget and mid-range smartphones for Android 12. The Moto G200 picked up the Android 12 update last week, with the Moto G50 receiving the same thing every few days. So earlier this week we saw the Motorola Edge 20 Pro receive its stable update. And now two phones are joining the Android 12 party: the Motorola Edge (2021) and the Motorola Edge Plus.

Motorola Edge (2021)

The stable Android 12 update is on its way to the Motorola Edge (2021). It’s currently rolling out to XT21411-2-SS variant and carries software version S1RM32.48-18-11. In addition to the usual Android 12 bump, the update also packs March 2022 security fixes. The update has only been seen in the US, but we expect the company to expand its rollout to more markets soon.

Motorola Edge Plus

Motorola has also started rolling out Android 12 for Motorola Edge Plus from 2020. The update is currently live for XT2061-3-SS model in parts of Europe and it is identified by the building number S1PB32.41-10-17.

Screenshot credit: Jeffrey van de Velde (via Twitter)

Motorola Edge (2021) and Motorola Edge Plus owners should receive the Android 12 update within the next few days. Keep an eye on the OTA message. As is the case with incremental OTA rollouts, the update will only reach a small set of devices initially, followed by a wider rollout in the coming days. This gives Motorola some time to analyze the stability of the building and avoid pushing a potentially buggy update for everyone at once.

What’s new in Android 12 and My UX?

Motorola Edge (2021) / Edge Plus owners can look forward to many new features in the Android 12 release. From a brand new Material You design and wallpaper-based theme system to renewed notification and Privacy Dashboard – the latest version of Android is packed with features and enhancements. Motorola has also baked in some new My UX experiences, including new camera features and new “Ready to Go” experiences.

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