New Disney game looks perfect (for Disney adults)

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Picture: Disney

While my household is still in mourning over the untimely passing away Disney Infinitythe former film studio and now cultural monopoly has today unveiled a new video game that, if Disney is yours thinggoes a lot up in your stuff.

Here is the trailer for Disney Dreamlight Valleyshowing off a game – described by the developers as a “life-sim adventure” – inspired by Crossing animals as it is The Sims:

That’s the good news! This multiverse shit is exactly what Disney fans are into, which explains the success of everything from Kingdom hearts to (initially) Disney Infinity to … yes, Disneyland itself. I showed this trailer to my wife and daughter this morning and they lost their minds, one for the casual crossings between movies, the other because it looked like Crossing animalsonly with Anna selfies.

And I have to admit, for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. Do I want to play a fishing mini-game? Uh, I could take it or leave. Do I want to go fishing with Goofy? Yes. Here’s more from the game’s official pitch:

We’re especially proud of the game’s expansive, engaging, story-driven campaign. The Disney and Pixar characters you meet have their own unique individualized story arcs and friendship goals that you can both fulfill through exploration, gift giving, and other fun activities where you get to know your friends in new ways.

Your days will be filled with everything from whipping delicious Disney-themed desserts together in your village restaurant along with Remy from Disney and Pixar’s Ratatouille, using your latest catch from your time at the Fishhole with Goofy, as well as vegetables you’ve planted and harvested from Wall-E’s garden patches.

As you help your new friends, you will gradually begin to remove the night thorns around Dreamlight Valley with the power of your inner magic, resulting in new areas of new characters opening up for you to explore.

Best of all, we regularly update the game with more content, including activities that coincide with new Disney and Pixar movies and events.

Now for the less big news: This is a free-to-play game developed by mobile specialists Gameloft, which means that various things you’ve seen in the trailer above will be locked in behind the purchase.

While early reports say there is “pretty non-aggressive revenue generation” to be found, the jury will of course be out on it all until people have had a chance to sit down and play it when it’s properly out in 2023 (though there will be be an early access version available later this year).

As for platforms, it comes to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC, Mac, Switch and App Store.