New Game Pass game has great reviews

A recently added Game Pass game is getting rave reviews from critics, making it the second highest rated game of the year so far.

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Microsoft is constantly adding new games Xbox Game Pass lineup, with several titles added each month. However, some of these new Xbox Game Pass games are only available on certain platforms. Some of them are only available to play on consoles, while others are only available to PC Game Pass subscribers. The latter is the case for a recently added day one Xbox Game Pass game, which happens to be one of the year’s highest rated new releases.

On March 24, PC Game Pass added new point-and-click adventure game Norco to the lineup. A brand new day one release, reviews for Norco have been steadily coming in since the game’s launch, and they all seem to indicate that it’s a game not to be missed. Norco currently sits at an average critics rating of 91, making it the second highest rated new game release in 2022 so far, just behind FromSoftware’s huge hit Elden Ring.

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Takes a look at Norco reviews, it’s clear why critics have praised the game. It seems that many are impressed with its history, atmosphere and engaging gameplay for the genre. Based on the reviews, any point-and-click gaming game fans will definitely want to check it out while it is available through PC Game Pass. Since it was just added recently, subscribers should at least not have to worry about it leaving anytime soon.

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Right now, Norco is only available on PC, so subscribers will need PC Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate to check it out. PC Game Pass is a separate subscription from the console version of Xbox Game Pass, but it comes with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. For the uninitiated, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the highest level of Game Pass, and it comes with extra perks besides just assembling the PC and Xbox Game Pass together.

At some point, it is possible Norco could take the leap to consoles, but nothing in that direction has actually been announced at the time of writing. While point-and-click adventure games are mostly associated with PC games, it is not unheard of for games in the genre to appear on consoles. If Norco ever coming to Xbox consoles, one would think that it would make it as one day one Xbox Game Pass game, as it did with the PC release, even though it’s only speculation at the moment. For now, the only way is to play Norco is on PC and those with PC Game Pass can check it out right now for no more than the price of their subscription.

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