New PlayStation game takes a decade to get Platinum Trophy

A new PlayStation release will take players at least 10 years to platinum, much to the chagrin of the PlayStation community. The Platinum Trophy is the last trophy in each game on PlayStation. When the player unlocks the penultimate trophy, they get a platinum, which essentially tells other players that this person has achieved 100% completion in that game. It’s nothing more than bragging, but boy, it feels good. Trophy hunters are not exactly new to the concept of patience, there are many challenging games that require a large amount of time to complete them fully, but the player is usually proactive in achieving it.

Now, the long awaited release of The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe asks players not to do anything in the game for 10 years for their “Super Go Outside” trophy. If you somehow accidentally open the game in year 5, you will have to start over. The trophy requires players not to play the game for an entire decade, which means it will not be achievable until April 2032. Of course, if you are a trophy hunter, you know that you technically do not have to play by these rules. The only way the game would know that 10 years have passed is through the internal clock on the console, so it’s possible that if you just adjust the PlayStation clock to the exact 10 years you last played the game, you can unlock the trophy. While not safe, it’s unlikely that many people will remember returning to the game in 10 years, especially if PlayStation 6 is out by then. The game is also available on Xbox, so if gamers want an easy (or extremely difficult depending on your strategy) 100 Gamerscore, it can probably be achieved in the same way on Microsoft consoles.

There are a number of games that have done this in the past so that players can only unlock trophies and achievements when a certain amount of time has elapsed. Batman: Arkham City famous did it so players had to visit Calendar Man in his cell during every major holiday in real life to unlock a trophy / achievement. Of course, many just used the internal loophole, but some people waited a whole year to unlock it.

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[H/T GamingBible]