New update to Elden Ring brings further balance changes

The latest patch for Elden Ring is now live and brings a host of small changes.

Patch 1.04 has improved the stability of the gameplay and made a large number of balance adjustments of weapons, sorcery and weapon skills. It also adds an option to change the camera’s automatic rotation and some additional event phases for the NPC patches.

In particular, the rate of attack of colossal weapons has been increased to make them a more viable option for pure melee buildings.

A lot of magic has now been polished, with reduced spell time and lower FP costs.

Some have seen a downward adjustment, such as Swarm of Flies, which was used repeatedly for certain boss fights.

Lots of bug fixes have also been implemented to ensure the correct progression of questlines, corrected damage exits and to prevent duplication of memory at the Walking Mausoleum.

You can see the full patch notes here.

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