New version of Xbox Game Pass is reportedly coming out this year

A new version of the Xbox Game Pass is reportedly coming out sometime this fall around the holiday season. The Xbox Game Pass is currently available in two forms: the standard $ 10 Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is $ 15 per month. According to a new report, a third version, a family plan, is on the way. This rumor is not new, but the aforementioned release window is. As for the rumor, it comes from the well-known Microsoft insider, Brad Sams.

Unfortunately, Sam does not reveal any details about what this plan will look like or how much it will cost. Further, he also notes that this information is subject to change. In other words, this window is a goal, not a locked thing.

“The plan for the family party, last I heard, was targeted for an autumn release around the holiday season this year. Remember, things are changing. Many things are in moving timelines. That was the original goal.”

So far, take everything here with a pinch of salt. There have been various reports and rumors of an Xbox Game Pass family subscription, so there is enough smoke here to suggest that there is a fire. Further, this is something that just makes sense. That said, the claim about the family plan and these new finer details from Sam are all unofficial and can also be changed.

The rumble of a family plan shows that the Xbox Game Pass will soon become more expensive. According to these rumors of price increases, Xbox is preparing to remove Xbox Live Gold and the default level for Xbox Game Pass in favor of making Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $ 15 – which comes with Xbox Live Gold – the standard for both in the future.

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