NICKMERCS calls Warzone “shambles” and frys developers over anti-cheat

Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff was one of Warzone’s most popular streamers before leaving the game for Apex Legends, but the star streamer is once again airing his complaints with the game.

There are not many people in the world who have played more matches in Warzone than NICKMERCS, so when he talks about the game, fans tend to listen.

Characteristically, his latest tirade about the game was brutally honest and aims at the two most hyped features of the Warzone Pacific era.

NICKMERCS increases Warzone’s anti-fraud system

NICKMERCS looks grumpy with YouTube and Warzone screens in the background

NICKMERCS has not been happy with Warzone for several months, and he is no stranger to venting that frustration.

It’s no secret that the former grinder has fallen out with the game since the switch from Verdansk ’84 to Caldera, but in a new Twitter exchangeNick did not hold back his emotions at all.

He specifically aimed at the shift from Verdansk to Caldera as well as the rollout of Ricochet, Call of Duty’s anti-cheat system.

He said: “The new card missed. The WW2 wrapping is and has always been rubbish, and Anticheat was some April Fools s ** t for likes and retweets.”

The streamer is also not alone in these feelings. Fans from across the community have been calling for a major change to the game for several months, but outside of the upcoming card changes for Godzilla vs. The King event, there has been no indication from Raven Software that they are getting their wish.

For now, it looks like Nick will endure it in Apex Legends, where he is currently trying to run in the pro scene alongside Deeds and Lewda.