Nike ISPA Link Axis Release Date |

Nike has long been known for pushing the envelope and creating runners so fast that they were in danger of being excluded from professional use. And in conjunction with their “Move to Zero” initiative, Swoosh continues to innovate with a range of sustainable product lines – Space Hippie and Next Nature, to name a few. This emphasis on recycled materials and sustainability extends to all arms of the brand, including the ever-experimental Nike ISPA.

This spring, the ISPA team debuted with two new silhouettes: Link and Link Axis. The former is a completely glue-free design consisting of three interlocking modules; this makes it possible to disassemble the shoe and then reuse and donate. Link Axis, due out in early 2023, takes the sustainable intent of the link and builds on it. Its 100% recycled Flyknit is precisely designed to fit over the outsole, and the tool’s 100% recycled TPU is achieved using scrap airbags. In addition, the TPU cage is also made of recycled material, however, only 20% to balance the desire to use recycled content and the need for durability / traction.

As Nike puts it, Link Axis is the “new top for disassembly” torn apart into four separate pieces. The silhouette, which incorporates the circular design principles of material selection, waste avoidance and renovation, accelerates the brand’s movement towards a carbon-free future without waste.

The Nike ISPA Link Axis is currently slated to be released in 2023, with more details to emerge closer to the new year. Go to Nike News for more details.