“No plans” for Sonic Origin’s physical release right now, but Sega is aware of the demand

Sonic Origins
Image: SEGA

The release of Sonic Origins approaching with rapid strides, and as excited as many fans are about this upcoming 4-in-1 collection, there is still a question that keeps popping up – will it be getting a physical release?

Sega of America’s social media manager, Katie Chrzanowski, has touched on this once again in the latest Sonic Official YouTube livestream – and reiterates how a physical release is not currently planned right now. The good news is the team (we guess it’s Sega) is “conscious” of the demand for a physical version. With crossed fingers.

“One is not planned at the moment, I have seen many comments asking for one, so the team has been made aware that there is a desire for a physical release.”

It follows from the same source confirming (via social media) that there would be no physical version of Origins when the release date was revealed last week:

For a physical collector, this means that you will either have to go with a digital copy available via Switch eShop and several other digital platforms, or persevere in the hope that Sega will announce a hard copy of the game sooner rather than later.

If you grab the game at the release and happen to pre-order, you will also unlock some extra treats that you can learn more about in our previous story.

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