Nvidia tells how it does not release ‘Sub-Par Beta Drivers’ in new video – IGN

While she explains how graphics drivers work, it seems that Nvidia could not help but take a plug on AMD in the process.

In a new video (and accompanying blog post) designed to explain Nvidia’s cumbersome process of creating its “Game Ready” drivers, Nvidia Senior Product Manager Sean Pelletier details how graphics drivers work and why it’s important to ensure the right ones drivers are available when new games release.

Towards the end, Pelletier noted that Nvidia is not releasing beta drivers because of how “integrated the driver is in the overall experience.” He compared the drivers to video games, saying that fully released games are “held to a higher standard” than the beta version of the same game. He seems to infer that Nvidia’s Game Ready drivers, which are typically released on the same day as a game launch, are better than beta drivers that AMD can release.

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