Overwatch 2’s Roadhog Redesign has been quietly unveiled

Overwatch 2 brings several new things to the table, ranging from a full PvE campaign to a massive shift to 5v5 gameplay for PvP. Overwatch 2 will also see new character designs for each hero, and the latest revealed is for Roadhog – though fans have only gotten a very brief look at it.

This split-second view of Roadhog’s Overwatch 2 redesign is far from how the others have been revealed, as Blizzard has hyped up the other new looks quite a bit. Fans have had a chance to watch proper comparison videos showing the visual changes made to heroes like Lucio, Widowmaker and Mei. While Roadhog may eventually get his own post on social media giving a good look at his new aesthetic, fans can get a brief glimpse of it in one of the new Overwatch 2 trailers.

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As pointed out by Dexerto, the deep dive video shows the Sojourn hero slipping under Roadhog’s hook and jumping over the tank’s head. If players pause and take a look at the big hero when he shows up at the 5:37 mark, they should be able to notice some significant changes in his appearance. To begin with, his hook is a bit less metallic, replacing the silver with a black design that has some brownish accents at the edges of the chain. As for the hero himself, the changes are small but abundant.

The new version of the Roadhog is wearing a torn jacket, and while the belly is still on full display, he has a little more clothing on his top half. This jacket also appears to have a fur collar and a piece of red shoulder armor. This red accent is also seen on Roadhog’s Scrap Gun, as the barrel is lined with the color red. While a yellow container can still be seen on Roadhog’s back, the character seems to lean into a black, gray and red color scheme this time. Exciting it looks like he also has a mohawk.

Maybe Blizzard will soon give a better look at this redesign, as many would definitely like a better overview of the changes Roadhog is undergoing in Overwatch 2. Since Sojourn has been closely focused on the past, Blizzard may not want her spotlight taken by highlighting redesigns for existing characters. Either way, those interested in getting a quick look at Roadhog can go to 5:37 in the Sojourn Developer Update and adjust the playback speed to get the clearest possible look at the hero’s new outfit.

Based on what can be seen in the few frames of gameplay, this redesign is likely to be much less controversial than Overwatch 2‘s Cassidy makeover. After all, this model for the Roadhog is much like the original, with some new colors, a mohawk and a torn jacket that serve as the biggest adjustments.

Overwatch 2 is currently under development for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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Source: Dexerto

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