Peridot for Android: Everything you need to know

Niantic is perhaps best known for Pokémon Go, but it has developed a few other augmented reality games over the years such as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Pikmin Bloom. Inspired by Pokémon Go – with a shot of Tamagotchi thrown in for good measure – Niantic has announced Peridot, a new AR game where players can bring up the titular little creatures and explore the world with them. .

Like Niantic’s previous games, Peridot is developed exclusively for mobile devices. It remains to be seen if it hits it big as Pokémon Go and becomes one of the best Android games out there, or if it suffers the same fate as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which never took off as Niantic had hoped. Until it comes out and we get our answer, here’s everything we know about Peridot so far.

What is Peridot?