Pixel 6 owners say their phones automatically reject some incoming calls

Strange issues have arisen after software updates that Google has released for its latest flagship phones, often enough for us to investigate why Android 12 has been so buggy for certain phones. Now some Pixel owners are reporting that their phones are not capable of completing a fairly basic task – calling when there is an incoming call.

Contrary to the problem of message vibrations that suddenly change without explanation, this is not something we have been able to confirm. But posts on Reddit (via Android Central and Phone Arena) and Google’s support forums describe issues where some incoming calls appear to be rejected, sending the caller directly to voicemail.

Their call log indicates that an incoming call was “rejected” when in fact the phone did not ring, and they all claim that they have no Do Not Disturb feature or other feature enabled that can block the calls. A commentator on PhoneArena said they had a similar issue, which turned out to be due to Verizon’s spam filtering, but reports of issues are consistent across providers.

There does not appear to be a confirmed way to solve the problem other than Hail Mary’s device reset suggestions for those dealing with the problem. Reports of issues come mainly from owners of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices, but a few owners of older Pixel phones all the way back to the 2XL have said they have seen the same thing.