Pixel Watch will beat Galaxy Watch 4 in key category

While we continue to creep slowly towards the seemingly inevitable revelation of Pixel Watch from Google, whenever it may be, we learn more about the upcoming Wear OS-powered wearable. Thanks to a new report, we are now learning about the battery size we can expect from the device, as well as the connectivity options that may be present at launch.

According to sources 9to5Google, the Pixel Watch comes equipped with a 300mAh battery, which sounds appropriate when you consider how relatively small the device appears in pictures that we have seen. If we were to make assumptions about battery life based solely on the size of its battery, it seems like a healthy comparison to the Galaxy Watch 4’s 247mAh battery. That device does not have the greatest battery life, so can we possibly expect a bit better from the Pixel Watch? We’ll see.

In addition to the battery size, it has been confirmed that there will be a Pixel Watch model that offers mobile connectivity. So far, it has been reported that there may be up to three variants of the Pixel Watch, but we are completely unsure how they will differ. Although we have noticed that a few readers are hoping for one bigger model, we have not yet seen any evidence that there will be two size options.

Again, we still have no idea when the Pixel Watch will launch, but all signs point to soon. With the speed at which we receive information and images become leaked, we must approach. Tighten up, folks.

// 9to5Google