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PlayStation fans would be happy to know that Sony has some “bangers” scheduled to release this year, and it’s not The god of war Ragnarok.

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PlayStation 5 was released back in 2020 and we have seen a number of exclusive releases on the platform since then. While playing like Return and Spider-Man: Miles Morales was critically acclaimed by both fans and critics, some of the most anticipated titles were still missing until the start of this year. Horizon Forbidden West came to PS5 & PS4 earlier this year and managed to no surprise surpass expectations once again. Apart from that, The god of war Ragnarok is also scheduled to release this year, though we have not yet got a release date on the same.

While a number of rumors have suggested it The god of war Ragnarok could be delayed for the second time, Sony has repeatedly repeated the 2022 release window. In the midst of that, it looks like we’re facing some more major releases this year, according to reports.

No one saves the world | Awards trailer



No one saves the world | Awards trailer





PlayStation has “Bangers” on the way this year apart from God Of War Ragnarok: Report

The information about the upcoming PlayStation games is coming from Robert Morrison (via okami13_), the animator for PlayStation Studios Visual Arts. Twitter user Kami has managed to compile several tweets by Robert together, suggesting that Sony has something special in store besides The god of war Ragnarok. He suggests PlayStation has some bangers on the way this year with another of his tweet saying the game he’s working on is not The god of war Ragnarok. In addition, it is stated that the project has been under development for 3 to 5 years.

Although the hints are pretty vague, fans have already started coming up with theories. The last of us remake seems to be the most popular and obvious speculation, but it seems less likely that it would be termed a “banger”. It could also be an unannounced project, as Sony is reportedly working on several of them. We will know more in the coming days.