PlayStation Plus Premium leak reveals the first PS1 and PS2 games

For June, two new levels of PlayStation Plus will be released, one of which will give subscribers access to PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games. This level is dubbed PlayStation Plus Premium, and it’s obviously the most expensive with $ 18 a month. What PS3, PS2, PS1 and PSP games it will have, and how many, is still unknown, but the expectation is that it will mostly be the big first- and second-party PlayStation games on these platforms. For this purpose, the first classic games for the subscription service are leaked, and no surprise, they are first-party releases.

Over in South Korea, the agency responsible for evaluating games for release in the region – The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea – has rated four different Raised filter games for PS4 and PS5. Two of these games are PS1 games, while the other two are PS2 and PSP games. Now, this could be a hint of re-releases or a collection of Raised filter games on PS4 and PS5? Sure, but what seems more likely at this point is that these will be PlayStation Plus Premium launch games.

If this is the latter scenario, it means that we will soon know every single classic PlayStation game that comes to the subscription service if they are to be re-evaluated. Next to Brazil and Taiwan, Korea is usually the first rating board to leak games, so PlayStation fans should keep an eye on it for weeks to come.

Siphon filter (first game)

Developed by the latest Sony Bend team Days past – when it was known as Eidetic, Raised filter is a third-person action game with stealth elements that debuted in February 1999 via PS1. Following its release, it reached 90 on Metacritic and would continue to be the starting point for one of the best stealth series ever.

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Siphon filter 2

Siphon filter 2 was released the following year in 2000, via the same developer and the same console, but only managed to get an 81 on Metacritic at the time.

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Siphon filter: Dark mirror

Leaves PS1, Siphon filter: Dark mirror is a PS2 and PSP game from the same developer. Interestingly, the PSP version got 87 on Metacritic when released, but the PS2 version could only earn 70.

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Siphon filter: Logan’s Shadow

Siphon filter: Logan’s Shadow is the latest feature in the series, released in 2007 on PSP, and then coming to PS2 three years later in 2010. Also developed by Sony Bend, it earned 85 on Metacritic upon release.

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Missing game

As you may know, there have been six in total Raised filter game. Missing in this leak is Siphon filter 3 and Siphon filter: Omega strain. These are the third and fourth games in the series, respectively, and it is unclear why they are not included.

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What this leak means

Now that all of this has been leaked, it is possible that Sony will roll out the advertising plans for the other PS3, PS2, PS1 and PSP games to avoid further leaks that ruin the surprise. Meanwhile, the content of the leak itself is a bit worrying, as it suggests that Sony is not going the extra mile to make sure it adds series in their entirety, as you hope they would. Whether this means that the series will be completed through piecemeal releases remains to be seen.

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