Redmi Pad could take the fight to cheaper Android tablets

Xiaomi Pad 5 home screen

Kris Carlon / Android Authority


  • A Xiaomi study has apparently revealed that a Redmi Pad 5G tablet is on the way.
  • We’m guessing this comes under the current Xiaomi Pad 5 series.

Xiaomi has been offering its Pad tablet series for years now, going back to 2014’s Xiaomi Mi Pad. These tablets have generally been offered in the upper middle class, but it seems that the company has another tablet line on the way.

Xiaomi recently sent out a survey to some Chinese users, and it turns out that one of the questions mentions a Redmi Pad 5G, IT Home reported (t / h: Notebook Check). Aside from the “Pad” name telling us that this is a tablet, the name appears along with other choices such as Xiaomi Pad 5, Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro and another “option”.

Redmi Pad survey IT Home

According to the business, the survey asked users about their use of the Mi Magic Sharing Center, which enables seamless content sharing across Xiaomi devices.

There seems to be room for a more affordable Xiaomi tablet when looking at the company’s current offerings. The Xiaomi Pad 5 starts at € 349 in Europe (~ $ 367) or Rs 26,999 in India (~ $ 353), bringing an 11-inch screen and a Snapdragon 860 SoC.

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Meanwhile, budget devices like the Realme Pad series and Nokia T20 offer low specs and price tags below $ 300. So a Redmi Pad could theoretically fill this price gap and compete against new tablets from e.g. Realme and Nokia.

It is also interesting to note the Redmi Pad’s apparent support for 5G connectivity, which would be rare for budget boards. Either way, the Android tablet space is somewhat exciting again due to demand during the pandemic, so we hope Redmi really joins the party with something special.