Release date, time, server downtime and more

Fortnite Update 20.30 is set to be a pretty huge one with hints about the first major crossover event. Right now, nothing is confirmed until we actually see it, but luckily we will see it very soon. Here’s what we know about Fortnite Update 20.30 so far.

Latest – Launch tomorrow

After a very long wait, the Fortnite update at 8.30pm is finally set to go live tomorrow. Be sure to arrive early to get everything installed on time.

We will update you right here if anything significant changes.

Fortnite Update 20.30 Release Date and Time

As always, the Fortnite update should fall on a Tuesday, in which case it means the release date is May 3rd. The usual times should also apply, which means that server downtime begins at.

  • 01.00 PT
  • 4 in the morning ET
  • 9.00 BST
  • 10.00 CET

Matchmaking will actually be disabled about 30 minutes before the above times to ensure that all active matches have time to end.

What can you expect in this update

The headline content for this update appears to be all related to the rumored Star Wars event set to go live on Wednesday, May 4th.

A well-documented stream of Star Wars content, including lightsabers and other cosmetics, has been updated in recent months. All of this pointed to the idea that an entire season dedicated to George Lucas’ franchise could come.

Instead, it now looks like a festive event starting on Star Wars Day no less is how things will play out. We are still incredibly excited to see how it all unfolds.

A quest has already been leaked suggesting that the Lightsabers will definitely be back as we will have to do melee damage with them. Even though all we get is this, it’s still worth getting excited about, but we all know that Epic has probably planned something else that will blow us all away!