Riot returns new Sova animations in VALORANT after social outrage

Riot Games announced that it would return VALORANT animation changes made in Sova after the community expressed concern about its impact on the Sova lineups.

Less than 24 hours ago, animation changes and nerves for Sova were announced with the upcoming patch for episode 4, third act. These changes triggered setbacks in VALORANT society that Riot recognized Twitter.

“We’ve heard your concerns about Sova’s new animations disrupting lineups,” Riot said via VALORANT Twitter account. “Based on this feedback, his animation changes will be removed from Patch 4.08.”

While Sova will still receive nerves for his Shock Dart and Drone, he will no longer have new animations that will disrupt his lineups. Sova was one of the original agents released with VALORANT when it was released in 2020. Since then, players have used his ability to decline his services to take the game to new heights.

Players have found ways to shoot his Recon Bolt to land in places not previously thought of on the map, and have done so his Shock Dart can be shot or jumped to hit enemies or the enemy’s aid in places they never would suspect. Riot realized the countless hours that had been put into the Sova lineups and decided it was not worth deleting it for a few new animations.