Rocket League New Mode is Battle Royale for people who hate Battle Royale – IGN

You’re probably thinking “not yet another Battle Royale” and you would be justified. However, Rocket League’s new Knockout game mode seems to be for people who hate battle royale games.

Knockout is part of the Rocket League’s spring event in the game called Knockout Bash, which runs from April 27 to May 10. This new game mode involves using the driving / football skills you would use in normal play in an eight-player destruction derby. type battle royale.

In addition to the existing movement sets, there are three new skills to master: Attack, Block and Grab. Attacks are basically dodging an opponent to send them flying if placed correctly. Block is basically a parry that reflects attacks back on the opposing player with proper timing. Grab allows you to, well, grab other players and throw them.

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