Ron Gilbert sheds more light on returning to Monkey Island in new interview – IGN

Ron Gilbert, the thinker behind Monkey Island, confirmed another episode of the classic franchise earlier this month. The sixth part, Return to Monkey Island, will feature Gilbert’s return with Dave Grossman, who collaborated on Secret of Monkey Island and LeChuck’s Revenge.

In an interview with, Gilbert and Grossman shared a little more about Return to Monkey Island. Despite Gilbert’s disgust for the April Fool’s joke, here’s what he had to say about announcing that he might be working on a new Monkey Island game on April 1, before formally announcing it a few days later.

“Maybe it was at the time right after I wrote it with If I Made Another Monkey Island [in 2013]and I was just thinking, you know – it was a weird fantasy, I was like oh, I wanted to buy the rights back and I wanted to announce it on April 1st, and that would be great, Gilbert said.

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