Rumor: 18+ Super Mario LEGO set seems to be the biggest to date

Screenshot2022 04 26 10.37.28
Image: LEGO / Nintendo

The Super Mario series for LEGO has come by leaps and bounds over the last few years, with sets that have taken figures and objects from classic Super Mario titles and Luigi’s mansionalong with a brand new Peach’s Castle expansion to be launched in August 2022.

However, if one is to believe in an online listing, it looks like a new 18+ Super Mario set is on the way. No details have been found on what the set might entail, but after the initial discovery of the list a few months back, we have at least a decent overview of how much it will cost and how many LEGO pieces there are. will be included.

For € 229.99 with a total of 2807 pieces, the new product is set to be larger than both the Nintendo Entertainment System set (2,064 pieces) and the Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block set (2646 pieces). What the new set will actually contain is anyone’s guess; maybe a rendition of World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros.? Maybe a Super Nintendo Entertainment System set? Who knows!

A release date is currently set for October 1, 2022, but it is entirely possible that this may be a placeholder date at the moment. If (or rather when) Nintendo and LEGO announce this new set, we will be sure to update you on its fixed release date.

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