Rumor: Super Mario Bros. animated movie details leaked

The Super Mario Bros. animated film was announced years ago, but there is very little we actually know. That the lead role was previously confirmedbut as to what to expect, things have been quiet.

Before the latest delay took place, rumored details about the film were allegedly leaked online. The information is a bit dubious, but GamesBeats Jeff Grubb, who has a history of leaked game news, seems to think it could be legitimate and may have arisen from audience testing.

You can find the full list of alleged details below – just keep in mind that you will encounter potential spoilers.


– Cartoon-like art style “full of life and colors”
– Similar to the appearance of Hotel Transylvania
– Humor is “very punny / meta”, but no banter, fart jokes, etc.
– Mario and Luigi have small redesigns that start with more worn and dusty suits with a muted color scheme
– Mario starts with a blue-purple shirt instead of brown
– Luigi has green overalls and a blue-purple shirt
– Both switch to their more iconic colors later in the film
– Mario and Luigi have Brooklyn accents
– DK Jr., Pauline and Toadsworth are rumored to show up
– Daisy is name dropped
– Huntudser is in the film
– The villainous character “Spike” appears at the beginning and then at the end to congratulate them
– Spike is a greedy / bossy character
– Goombas, Koopas, Hammer Bros., Bullet Bills and their towers, Banzai Bills, Lakitus, Ninjis and Fuzzies in the movie


– Begins with Charles Martinet’s tale as he reviews the various jobs Mario had before joining the devastating crew
– He fights Donkey Kong and rescues Mario in the “real world” (still animated) “New Dino City”
Fight seemingly choreographed well and fast-paced
– Mario gets the golden hammer in the fight
– Mario is famous in the present
– After hearing repetitions of gorillas and turtles fighting, he goes to the sewer to investigate
Lots of gorillas underground; some parties, others playing drums
– Mario runs into an older “cranky” Donkey Kong and tries to communicate but can not as he can not speak gorilla
– Both end up falling through a pipe into the Mushroom Kingdom
– The film’s first song has Bowser singing, and we see his younger years plus his desire to take over the kingdom
– Bowser then kidnaps Princess Peach, blows up Mushroom Kingdom and sets course for his ship
– Mario and Captain Toad go on a journey to stop Bowser
– The second “song” is about plumbing
– Luigi is worried as Mario has been away for a while and is investigating in the sewer
– He ends up in Mushroom Kingdom; specifically “Forbidden Forest” and meets Yoshi
– Mario fights Bowser and is defeated
– Kamek releases Mario from the ship into the Forbidden Forest, and he meets Luigi and Yoshi
– They get new costumes with their iconic colors and go back to Bowser’s castle
– Eventually, they encounter three “Bowser clones” that mostly tell jokes and transform into a rough combination of enemies after being defeated
– Before the final battle, there is a song where pretty much everyone sings, including Toads, who sings about saving the princess, Mario and Luigi about not losing hope; Bowser and Peach quarrel in time with the song
– Kamek gives Bowser a fungus that makes him grow; Bowser chases Mario and Luigi through a pipe maze across various places such as a desert, sea, forest, cloudy area
– Fire Flower and Super Star power-ups appear below this, but not elsewhere
– Yoshi fights with Kamek as they have some story; Kamek uses his wand to change the environment and stuff like that
– The last piece of the chase causes them to trick Bowser into going into the last pipe and ending up in his own lava pit
– Mario decides to start a plumbing service in the Mushroom Kingdom
– The post text scene is Bowser’s skeleton

Right now, there is no way to verify that the above details are accurate, so take everything with a pinch of salt. Assuming the information is in order, there is also a chance that things may change before release.

Nintendo and Illumination had previously locked a debut in December 2022 for the Super Mario Bros. movie. This week, though, it is the film was delayed until April 2023.