Samsung’s latest keyboard update aims to help you make fewer typing errors

The Samsung Keyboard update should make typing more accurate

Samsung’s standard keyboard has never been very popular, mainly due to its poor typing accuracy and minor text correction. For Samsung’s merit, the keyboard receives frequent updates, including useful features, and it adapts to the various screens on phones as the Z Fold3 does better than other keyboard apps. But these bonuses have never been enough to overcome the significant problems. This week, a new update rolls out to the app that is set to enhance the typing experience and includes some new keyboard layout options.

The change log for this update (via SamMobile) is quite extensive:

What is new

1. Have your spelling and grammar corrected when writing English sentences.

– The “Suggest text corrections” feature, provided by ONE UI 4.0, has been enhanced to be even smarter.

– There is a function to turn the setting on or off via the app.

– Turn it off when using chat apps with friends, and turn it on when using apps where you write long sentences.

2. We adjusted the parts that varied from country to country to match as much as possible.

The parts that varied from country to country, such as settings, symbols, language switch buttons, etc., have been adjusted to be the same. You can now find the same Samsung keyboard on Galaxy phones purchased abroad.

– To use the previous layout, set it by going to “Previous Keyboard” in “Samsung Keyboard Settings> Layout> Key and Special Character Layout.”

3. Thanks to detailed explanations from our customers, we were able to correct spelling mistakes that often occurred using specific keys.

4. For the clipboard, the following issues have been further corrected.

– The inconvenience of deleting the clipboard immediately has been corrected.

When you delete everything, “Include Attached Items” appears, so you can also choose to delete attached clipboards.

– The issue that the clipboard text is not visible when you set the theme or dark mode has been resolved.

The issue with duplicate toast pop-ups saying “This has been copied to the clipboard” or “This item has already been copied” has been fixed.

The problem that the clipboard was not added periodically in some operator services has been fixed.

– The issue that the Insert feature does not work after abnormally shutting down the Samsung Note app has been fixed.

An update has been made so that the order of “attached” elements does not change arbitrarily when re-entering the clipboard.

An update has been made so that the status of the last clipboard displayed (more or closer) can be maintained.

These updates may vary depending on the update plans by model.

Outside of the usual bug fixes, three things stand out in this update. First, the keyboard’s grammatical integration has been given some customization options. If you go into text correction settings on the keyboard, you can now manage which apps Grammarly will offer suggestions for. A useful switch at the top allows you to enable or disable grammatical integration for all apps at once.

Second, there is a new layout option if your language is set to something other than English US. Open keyboard settings and in the layout menu you will find the new button and symbol layout submenu. Here you have two options – standard and alternative. On my phone, which is set to English UK, the default will show the “£” symbol on page one of the symbol keyboard with “$” on the other side. Setting the keyboard to the new alternate layout reverses this, setting “$” on page one and “£” on page two.

Finally, the change log mentions that specific spelling errors should have been corrected based on user feedback, although what spelling errors it is are not mentioned. All in all, this is a decent update to Samsung’s standard keyboard, and I hope it continues to improve in the future. The update should be available to you through the Galaxy Store, and as always, you can download it from the APK Mirror.


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