Samsung’s next big-boy foldable does not get a larger battery

At least the phone gets a little slimmer – fair trade

We’re probably still months away from learning anything official about Samsung’s next generation of foldable phones, but leaks have already begun to paint a picture of what we can expect from the Galaxy Z Fold4. A new report suggests, for example, that the phone could enjoy a much-needed camera upgrade while also arriving in a slightly different image format. Now, recent findings add new support for some of these rumors, while destroying our hopes of major battery capacity improvements.

Two batteries expected to power the Z Fold4 have received their certification in South Korea with a rating of 2,002 mAh and 2,268 mAh, as observed by the Galaxy Club. If you calculate, that equates to a total capacity of 4,270 mAh, which is pretty much the same as the Galaxy Z Fold3’s 4,275 mAh capacity – Samsung will probably market it as 4,400 mAh, just like the Fold3. This is not good news to learn, given that Fold3’s battery life has been a major issue for some users. We have not heard anything new about the phone’s charging speed, but Samsung will hopefully include 45W support to reduce the sting of the small battery capacity a bit.

New reports also suggest that the foldable will be smaller and slimmer – so maybe we should not be too harsh on Samsung to at least manage to preserve the battery capacity. The shrinking size is directly related to the reported new image format on the phone. According to rumors, the Galaxy Z Fold4 will have a 7.56 “folding screen and a 6.19” cover screen compared to Fold3’s 7.6 “and 6.7” screens respectively. The outer screen would be a little wider and hopefully a little more comfortable to type on, and the folded screen would be even more square (which could emphasize the black bars a bit during media playback). You can compare the image formats for Fold4 and Fold3 in IceUniverse’s tweet below.

Earlier rumors suggested that the Galaxy Z Fold4 would get a built-in S-pen, but that sounds less likely in recent leaks. Given how much space the pen takes up and the current battery struggles, this is understandable.

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