Sega shares Sonic Frontier’s news update “Soon”

A game here on Nintendo Life that we are eager to learn more about is Sega’s upcoming release, Sonic borders.

Right now we know it’s coming out in ‘Holiday 2022’ and will be an “open zone” experience. The story is reportedly also written by Ian Flynn – lead author of IDW’s current cartoon Sonic the Hedgehog.

Now, in the new season of Sonic Official livestream, Sega of America’s social media manager Katie Chrzanowski has been asked when more will be revealed – teasing news about the next mainline Sonic project would arrive “soon”, or at least at some point this year:

“See that many people ask about [Sonic] Frontiers, we have no news about Frontiers today, but don’t worry soon. It’s still ready to come out this holiday, so we want news for you this year, don’t worry. “

As also mentioned, it is still also on its way to a holiday 2022 release, so there is no need to worry about delays or anything like that. The game was apparently also meant to be a 2021 release, but Sega wanted to improve the quality of the product.

In the same livestream, it was also repeated how there are no current plans for a physical version of Sonic Originsbut Sega has been made aware of the demand for one.

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